Our Services & Equipment

As volunteers, we are dispatched to calls by 911 emergency communications via pagers and radios.

 We respond 24 hours a day 7 days a week to various types of emergency calls including:

 Medical Emergencies          Structure & Vegetation Fires

Motor Vehicle Accidents          HazMat          Chemical/gas spills

Many on the department are certified in different areas: Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT), State Certified Firefighters

All members are trained & certified in: CPR and the National Incident Management System

Our Trucks & Equipment

Grass Fire Rig – Truck # 20Truck 20     

1986 Ford F-250 pickup, that can seat three, has a two one-inch fire hose reels, 300 gallon tank, a small pump engine, carries rakes, shovels, and fire brooms. This truck is used for mainly grass / field / brush fires

Grass Fire Rig – Truck # 24Truck 24

2004 Ford diesel F-350 Super Duty pickup, can seat three, holds a single one-inch fire hose reel along with a  2 1/2 inch hose, a small pump engine, 300 gallon tank, a small pump engine, carries rakes, shovels, and fire brooms.  This truck is used for mainly grass / field / brush fires

Grass Fire Rig – Truck # 27
 Truck 27

 2007 Chevorlet 3500 4X4 pickup, can seat three, holds a single one-inch fire hose reel along with a 2 1/2 inch hose, a small pump engine, and a 300 gallon tank, a small pump engine, carries rakes, shovels, and fire brooms. This truck is used for mainly grass / field / brush fires

Pumper Fire Rig – Truck # 30
Truck 30 

 2002 International diesel 4400 truck, can seat five, with dual engine use (motor & pump), 750 gallon water tank, with two & a half-inch fire hoses & nozzles, five-inch water supply/hydrant hoses, ladders, gas powered generator/lights, saws, and other equipment.  This truck is used for multiple purposes, but mainly for structure fires

Tanker (Tender) Fire Rig – Truck # 40
 Truck 40

 2003 International diesel 7400 truck, seats 3, with a 3500 gallon water tank, holds a small pump engine, two & a half-inch hoses and five-inch water supply hoses along with two large portable drop tanks.  Used for all fires, especially large grass / field and structure fires.

 Rescue / Medical Rig – Truck # 62
Truck 62

2007 Ford diesel F-550 Super Duty with utility box, can seat five.  Carries all medical equipment including an AED, oxygen, backboards, splints, and other first aid/medical supplies.  It also carries rescue equipment including the Jaws of Life and other extracation / rescue tools along with airpacks for the firefighters.

 Rescue (miscellaneous) Rig – Truck # 61
 Truck 61

 1986 GMC Sierra Classic suburban, can seat 5, carries rescue and fire equipment and is back-up rescue truck


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